Let’s call Microsoft’s latest rumor, Xcloud Console. Next generation will have the most powerful consoles ever as would be expected like to be priced at $399 to $599 range. But it looks like Redmond is working on a $70 or so streaming only console.

A streaming only XBOX would work now before Xcloud, because believe it or not, Xbox has one of the most robust and biggest app stores available for your television.

With Xcloud, you will be able to stream games over the internet without the need for a console so it only makes sense that Microsoft will want to offer a slim box to go with that.

If you are wondering why all gamers don’t just switch to Xcloud, the internet speeds and more important the internet quality required to stream games is much much higher than that for Youtube or Netflix. So most people will need to own a full fledged console for at least a decade or more.

This option may work well for someones second or third TV, or for traveling.