When Scarlet or the next XBOX was announced at last year’s E3 press conference, Phil Spencer the head of XBOX, clearly stated they were already hard at work for the next generation’s consoles, yes plural.

This lead to all sorts of speculation on the internet with all the experts figuring it meant a cheaper main console and a streaming only device to sell along side the regular over powered console.

Not that long ago Microsoft confirmed that it is planning on releasing only one console next generation, scrapping the cheaper weaker console.

Now they are going all in on selling just one console at launch, with XBOX now nixing any short term plans or any plans at all possibly for a streaming only console.

Many thought with project X Cloud just around the corner a super slim streaming only device from XBOX would likely be sold side by side the main console.

But I was surprised the experts were saying this as fact, because I clearly remember XBOX saying they would likely only promote X Cloud over mobile phone networks for on the go because these networks are easier to control the technical lag and/or speed up.

Now Phil Spencer answers this question… “We are not working on a streaming-only console right now,” explains Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief, in an interview with Gamespot. “We are looking at the phone in your pocket as the destination for you to stream, and the console that we have allows you to play the games locally.”

Scarlet XBOX next gen launches Holiday 2020 and while they have gone out of their way to avoid mentioning the actual price, most everyone expects day one pricing for the new single console to be $499, unless PS5 does something unexpected in terms of their pricing.