Sort of, maybe, we’ll see, it may happen are the answers you might hear if you ask people in the know today.

Your broadcasters could reach far more people with smaller towers right now, and more to the point single direction towers.

Right now the FCC requires large enough gaps between each city to promote localized tv by allowing each city not to “overrun” into another broadcasters territory.

While they could with current digital towers cover 99% of Americans, the cost is simply to prohibitive. But with the new 4k standard, that will all change, so in theory every American can have their local signals and in theory right at a certain line it can change from let’s say San Jose locals to Monterrey local channels.

While this tech is available now and running in a few cities (mostly Sinclair locals), the FCC needs to change outdated rules and issue new rights, but if they streamline this process millions more people could be getting free ota tv soon.

So the answer is that millions will soon get free 4k TV that don’t have signals currently, the question no one knows is can it be for almost every American or will large (smaller than now) still will large gaps remain?

Regardless this new tech will not only give people the benefit of not having to pay $40/mo for basic cable if they only want the broadcast stations, but also will allow techies to enjoy 4k TV on their phones, as 4k TV chips for OTA are expected to cost just $3/ea allowing for cars and phones to easily support the next gen 4k OTA standard for free.