Conan O’Brien is best know now for his Late Night gigs at NBC and now TBS… but the comedy legend is also a Simpsons and SNL alum.

Writing and often producing for many of the first seasons of The Simpson’s, Conan was asked recently which episode he help create is his favorite today.

Without to much thought, or elaboration for that matter, he quickly responded that his favorite episode of The Simpsons was the monorail episode.

In this early episode of The Simpsons the town is sold a new fangled state of the art monorail by a sleezey slick salesman.

Not to spoil the show if you haven’t seen it, but silly shanagins pursue… but the allure and most memorable part of this episode has got to be the song the salesman uses to pitch the monorail. A three minute clip of the song is on YouTube below, the full episode is on VUDU, Xbox, iTubes, and soon Disney Plus.