There are becoming more and more ways to avoid the dealership games and hassles. From Carvana’s all online car vending machine or delivery to Carmax which while not the cheapest is low in hassle. Tesla is no hassle and/or even all online.

TrueCar is an option you have likely seen on TV that is open to everyone, giving you a quote before you go to the dealership.

Costco is taking this concept a step further for it’s members (about $60/yr).

If you buy a car new or used through Costco they try to get the lowest price for you.

The savings can be exceptional and all their cars and even car parts are online for their members to read through at their leisure.

If you’re not a fan of negotiating, Costco’s auto program is probably the right choice. Costco already negotiates prices for you! No need to worry about getting the lowest possible price.