Animals in the wild are unpredictable! It’s a tribute to the authenticity of the African savanna at Animal Kingdom that the animals are so at-home here. Basically, animals have free rein here in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve… and humans give them their space.

On the Kilimanjaro Safari, when a creature moves onto the jeep’s path, they are given the right of way. The ride stops until the animal decides to move… or until one of the keepers entices them to move! These are often the most memorable times… and the best safari sightings… as visitors become immersed in the safari experience.

One safari trek through the African savanna, we came upon a Masai giraffe standing on the very edge of the road… with her calf hiding behind a nearby tree. Our safari guide cautiously stopped the jeep and radioed the nearest game warden.

Safari Tip: Just as human fingerprints are unique, no two spot patterns are the same in giraffes… You can identify Masai giraffes with their leafy, uneven spots compared with the distinct smooth-edged spots of Reticulated giraffes.

When the game warden arrived, he offered the mother giraffe a leafy branch to try to lure her away from the road. As animals have minds of their own, she ignored his offer and stood her ground. Meanwhile, her curious offspring peeked out at us from behind a tree.

Seeing that her mother was distracted, the giraffe calf moved stealthily out toward some peacefully grazing wildebeest, eyeing them carefully.

Safari Tip: Being very curious and observant animals, giraffes keep close track of their surroundings… making “every day a new day” as they take notice of any changes on the savanna.

The mischievous giraffe then galloped over toward the herd and chased after them. All the wildebeest took off, sprinting across the road and over the adjacent hill… and the young giraffe walked innocently back to its mother!

When the game warden had no luck enticing the mother from her close proximity to the road, he decided to give our safari guide the go-ahead. We passed amazingly close to the mother giraffe… who appeared not the least bit frightened by our expedition party!

Safari Tip: Because of their height and keen awareness, giraffes are often used by other animals as safety indicators… being the first on the savanna to see danger.

Each Kilimanjaro Safari is a unique experience… with fresh new animal sightings and adventures on every journey.