Possibly the biggest fastest viral sold out product of this year was a surprise to everyone, yes everyone, even the sandwich maker itself. Popeyes was the lucky company to make the great sandwich, but had stocked inventory for a regular sales expectancy for a product in it’s category and price.

They instead sold out in about 2 weeks.

They still are completely sold out, to the point of offering BYOB bring your own bun, with 3 chicken tenders in the BYOB box.

Officially Popeye’s doesn’t seem to be talking, but multiple people are claiming on and/or off the record sources as saying the first shipments could be arriving a day or two after the 1st of November.

Meaning the first stores to re-offer it may be cooking the infamous sandwich Nov 2nd or 3rd.

This is just a rumor at this time, but it has been a reasonable period of time since they sold out, so it could be real this November.