Tesla makes great PR and many believe great cars… many however politely disagree and stick with their favorite car.

Tesla delivered over 90,000 cars to customers in their last period which is impressive for a market that no one else could figure out how to sell at all.

Lucky for them model X & S cars also stayed high at around 17,000 sales… these cars are where they make their money.

Another good piece of news is over 80% of sales were not filling pre-orders but new customers which means they have proven a business model.

But multiple companies are about to compete in the EV sector, which may actually help Tesla by making charging stations easier to find over time and changing more minds towards EV…. but analysts are now quick to warn it could erode sales for Tesla instead and the US subsidies which it relied on so much are down significantly.

Why are analysts now saying bad things about Tesla, because they need to sound smart when it posted another, likely intentional, but still posted a slight loss for the quarter.

The good news is Tesla is close to the break even point if it can keep a mere 90,000 or more car sales per period.

Also I personally plan to get a Tesla for my next car, and I live in a condo without a charging station, because a random office building near me added a electric charger that is open to the public (all makes of EV welcome to charge by the 15 minute period $1).

So don’t write off Tesla just because some articles are being nay sayers. Remember they haven’t started selling in China in any meaningful way, and they haven’t started paid marketing or discounting which has proven for other car companies to sell way more than 90,000 cars per period.