I love Burger King. I guess it’s no surprise since I run CheeseburgerBlog.

I live near Orlando but grew up on the west coast so I still wish I could get some fast food that is only on that side of the country.

In and Out and Jack in the Box are two of the most famous regional brands I miss.

One of the things I miss from Jack In The Box are their tacos.

Thankfully BK now has Tacos that are VERY similar. These are those tacos but sadly have a little less cheese, but you can open it yourself and add cheese if taking the food home.

At “only” a buck they are a great deal, but growing up we had 2 for a buck promos at Jack so I guess I expected them to be cheaper.

As you can tell from the picture these tacos are quiet similar to Jack’s tacos.

Here is one way they can be customized… (see photo)

So is this a smash or a pass?

Easy call, absolutely smash a few of these, they are delicious and priced right!