T Mobile has been quietly testing home internet with 50,000 random customers for about 6 months, maybe much longer, but I heard about it 6 months ago.

They just launched it nationwide for anyone today, if you want to sign up here is the link.

They are charging $50/mo with what they say is not catches or fees. More important in this streaming first era, meaning they know everyone streams lots of Youtube and Hulu, they still emphasize no data caps.

They say they have no contracts, hidden fees, or data caps… with speeds being 50mbps.

So does it work, I talked with someone who had it for months now, they mentioned having to call customer support too much, but they were talking about during the beta period, and mentioned that the customer service was indeed great and actually identified small and large problems correctly and fixed what was fixable. The ultimate problem was the tower, which wasn’t going to be fixed right away during trial period, but that just slowed speeds by half, which is faster than my 25mbps cable internet.

T Mobile appears to be limiting the number of subscribers per tower, so being in a sorta rural area like I am, we just got Uber this year thanks to some new housing communities, I qualified for the service at my address.

They don’t need someone to come out to install the service and you get a box like this….

They say it is easy to setup.

You don’t need their phone service and this is not a special rate.

If you signup now they will upgrade you to 5G for free when 5G is available at your address.