Sling TV started as an “experiment” to help deal with cord cutting by allowing people under 35 that were really not signing up to cable tv, but instead were using Netflix and HBO Go, to get cable programming over the internet.

The Sling TV experiment by Dish Network worked really well, much better than they ever expected. Blasting past 2,000,000 users quiet easily. But they did this while having very very few local channels included and people want their locals, so Sling TV now has a very good solution.

With the new Air TV player you can add for free all the local channels in your area (via antenna). A one time $79.99 fee gets you the new premium Air TV Mini dongle.

Don’t worry that it’s a dongle, they claim it’s high powered for the category and that nothing else really compares. They also are proud that it will be 4k streaming ready.

The Air TV Mini is optimized for Sling TV of course, but actually works for just your over the air broadcasts, and has the whole Google Play TV store including Netflix and Youtube.

If you have been thinking about cutting the cord they even just lowered the price of their service by offering $40 worth of programming for $20 which includes their DVR to add on to the base Orange and/or Blue pack.