Sling TV customer now get Fox News Channel & MSNBC in their core package for $30/mo.

The 2 core packages both have added a 10hr free DVR and gone up in price by $5/mo. A 50 hour DVR still costs the regular $5/mo.

The package with Fox News Channel will now also get MSNBC which previously was in a $5/mo news add on package.

Many additional news channels are on Sling, including Fox Business Network which viewers can get with the previously mentioned news add on pack. The price is $5/mo but they have multiple promos which make it much cheaper when but in a bulk package.

Both Fox News and MSNBC are the two most watched channels in Primetime, with ESPN being in 3rd place. Fox News is the most watched cable channel and MSNBC basically ties ESPN with 1.5 million viewers a night.