As an add on or a snack. Or a way to indulge in multiple flavors for lunch, Subway now offers sliders.

At $1.89 they are a cheap add on or snack, but it seems odd they chose this price when Arby’s is pushing hard their Sliders for $1.49. I guess Subway isn’t interested in starting another $5 foot long “mistake” (that’s how they internally see it because they made the price of food too low).

You have four options…

Ham and Cheese – default cheese is pepperjack

Italian Spice – pepperoni, salami, cheese, vinagrette

Little Turkey – turkey, cheese, spinach, mayo ($1.99)

Little Cheese-steak – shaved steak, red onions, green peppers, southwest chipotle sauce, cheese ($1.99 to $2.19 depending on franchise)

They won’t let you customize these (except for cheese and sauce).

The bread is Mexican tortas style bread.