As you see in the picture this is the newest value menu offering in New Zealand for Burger King fans.

We’ve had fries stuffed into burgers in the U.S., Checker’s/Rally’s is a fan of this, but I have not heard of an all fries sandwich.

The New Zealand sandwich is called a Chip Butty which means “fries sandwich” since in some parts of the UK and New Zealand they call sandwiches Butty.

The cost in New Zealand Dollars is $2, which would make it around $1.29 in America.

The Chip Butty has Mayo and Ketchup and Fries in a hamburger bun.

Craving this in the U.S.? Try ordering it as a secrete menu item. Order a plain toasted bun add ketchup add mayo, then order value fries, enjoy you get a Chip Butty here!