So Pizza Hut is testing world changing things in Phoenix, Az. It’s so new and so different it is actually being tested at just one location…

… and while this is super interesting and cool and I’ll get into that in a minute…

… before that please tell me if you saw the new Pizza Hut package and also thought of TMNT 🙂 . I mean pizza served in something that looks like (barely) but does look like a manhole cover. So cool 🙂

OK, on to Pizza Hut. They are testing smaller packaging that would be more environmentally friendly with this new round form.

They will also have plant based alternatives to meats on the menu.

You don’t have to worry, Pizza Hut will have pepperoni forever, but your vegan friends can now order more flavorful pizzas, at least in a 3 square mile area in Arizona.

The Garden Specialty Pizza combo will be available for a suggested price of $10 (take out price) and has the plant based sausage and veggies.