Court TV was a staple on cable in the 90’s. Then when cable companies needed to reclaim analog space for digital channels, Court TV with it’s low ratings was the target…. but Court TV stepped up to the plate by making prime-time compelling for all with Cops marathons at the heart of the turn around. Once back on all the systems, Time Warner bought the channel, eventually rebranding it Tru TV.

A smaller media company bought the rights to the brand and channel recently and relaunched Court TV as we all remember it, but with more anchors, shows, and graphics packages.

You can watch it for free on many broadcast station’s bonus digital channels with an antenna.

How do you watch it, if you don’t have that clear signal in your area?

Simple, stream it live anytime on a Live TV service. Since it’s new it hasn’t made it’s way into many options, but the good news it is now available in the under $10/mo service called Klowd TV.

Klowd TV has 85 other channels surrounding it you can watch, for a flat $9.99/mo.

You can switch between 90210 on Pop TV and Court TV and the 90’s music station and relive the 90’s all over again on Klowd TV.