A rare dime misprint was sold at auction recently. The misprint called the “1894-S” is one of the rarest coins in the world with only 24 coins printed.

Only nine of the rare 1894-S dimes are known to exist, this according to the auction house Stack’s Bowers Galleries. The auctioned coin sold for $1,200,000 US Dollars in Chicago.

Interestingly this price is actually quiet low, because in 2016 when a different one of the known 9 dimes was up for auction it fetched a whopping $2,000,000 in Florida.

UPDATE/CORRECTION : we received this additional info in our inbox today written from Donn in Nevada and we thank him for the helpful advice (neither point was available to us from our first source)

The coin was not a “misprint.” That dime was actually carefully and deliberately struck (as a proof).

Another 1894-S dime did sell for more money earlier, but that coin was in even better condition than this splendid example; hence, a higher price for it.