August 21st we “get to” experience Pumpkin again this year at Dunkin. Of course like the annual often dreaded fruit cakes, it has become an annual tradition for non-pumpkin spiced people to poke fun at the overwhelming amount of pumpkin spice that comes out every year.

This menu does has another fall/winter flavor that isn’t pumpkin, the new Apple Cider Donut and Munchkins which Dunkin describes as an apple cider cake ring tossed in cinnamon sugar.

The pumpkin menu for fall includes …

  • Pumpkin Donut and Muffin and munchkins all iced.
  • Pumpkin Flavored Coffees… Dunkin pumpkin flavor swirl is available in its hot or iced coffee, Cold Brew, espresso drinks, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate.
  • New Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte available hot or iced.

Love it or hate it, pumpkin spiced everything begins this year on or about August 21st.