For some, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the decadent taste of a bird inside of a bird … inside of another bird. Soon those lovers of chicken, duck and turkey will be able to have that same fowl taste with a lot less work.

Yes, Pringles has announced the launch of its Turducken-flavored “Turducken Stack” just in time for the holidays.

Pringles is offering a fun and festive 6 pack of holiday flavors, including the flavors of the three popular birds required to make a Turducken.

The box comes with six different flavors of chip: turkey, chicken, duck, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Those who receive the box are then expected to stack the turkey, chicken and duck-flavored chips on top of each other for a true Turducken experience.

Not available it stores, act now, but wait there’s more, this as seen on tv product is a limited run deal on for a reasonable enough price of $15.99.