Playstation VUE is trying to become a better and better value now that some of the other services like DirecTV Now raised their prices.

Today PSVue has moved Tennis Channel from the $59.99/mo elite package to the $49.99/mo core package.

Also for fans of Discovery Channel style programming, Curiosity Stream was added as a stand alone channel.

Curiosity Stream is a VOD service that the original Discovery Channel owner founded, while they add more programming that’s new regularly, they proudly touted the fact that they had spent over $100 Million Dollars on programming for Curiosity Stream about a year ago.

No official word yet from Sony on this, but the channel package change is live now, and Curiosity Stream pricing has yet to be confirmed, but may be under $3/mo… if they price it the same as other services do.

Curiosity Stream is also available as a stand alone app, or for a few bucks a month can be added on SLING TV or Youtube TV.