Playstation Vue is closing it’s doors at the end of Janurary… how to you get the same basic lineup for the same basic low price?

Hulu w/Live TV $44.99/mo
Hulu with live TV is the one I personally chose for myself because you get a nice lineup of news, locals, sports, and other popular cable channels for under $45/mo and it includes all of Hulu for free as a bonus.

Fubo TV $54.99/mo
They call themselves a sports fans must have, but don’t have all the sports channels or games. They do have many many local channels, regional sports, news, national sports, and channels like MTV and Nickelodeon.

Youtube TV $49.99/mo
Youtube has local channels, ESPN, Fox News & MSNBC, and about 50 more channels. The guide and app is high quality because it is run by Google. You currently can’t watch regular YouTube in this app, but they did add a tab of trending Youtube videos now within this TV app.

All three services are available in most major TV app stores and have DVR service available that works well.