Panda Express has a now semi-famous inovation kitchen that is open to the public and looks like a regular Panda but serves some unique test products.

The most popular test kitchen is in Pasadena, CA.

I’ve reported here that they have been testing a Orange Chicken burrito which you can find on this site with a simple search.

Now one more of their test products is going viral this week. It’s a bao bun made with dipped pastrami.

Pastrami Bao Buns are basically a mashup of the Taiwanese street food classic and the American deli sandwich. The hand-held dish combines slow cooked, hickory liquid smoked pork belly with pastrami spices, topped with pickled cucumbers for brightness and a sweet and savory sauce, all held in a folded, fluffy and light bao bun.

Often in the U.S. this is being seen with thick cut pork belly… seems like they are going with a cheaper and healthier cut of meat but slicing it the same way.