If you live on the East Coast Almond Chicken may be a new dish for you.  On the west coast it is a staple in many city’s Asian take out spots.

Panda Express not surprisingly changed the chicken to fried chicken and added a thicker sweeter sauce which likely will make it tastier even if changes it to a little less healthy of a choice.

Panda wants us to mention the chicken’s crunch.  The new Crispy Almond Chicken Breast is white meat chicken breaded with Panda’s new “crunchy signature puffed-rice breading”.  Then they wok toss the chicken with toasted almonds, chopped green onions, in a savory garlic soy sauce which isn’t too sweet but sweeter than traditional almond chicken.

Panda Express typically charges about $10 for 3 entree’s (scoops) and fried rice…  and is available for delivery in my area.