Did you know you can place an antenna in the attic? Did you know they make an antenna that looks like a curtain on the window. A thin antenna can be stuck to the back of your fancy flat screen TV.

DISH Network will install any antenna with OR WITH OUT Dish Network service. Just $99 will bring a pro installer to your house, giving you free tv for life. You can easily add ESPN and other cable style networks for just $25 with DISH’s own Sling TV (which is not required to receive the $99 install deal).

With the huge rise in cutting the cord, there has been a rather large increase in antenna usage, which has gone up by 11% in the past 9 years.

You can even DVR the programming for free for life. Tivo is making a cord cutting DVR. Many others are already on the market today. My favorite is the Air TV player by SLING TV which retails for $129, but I got one at Walmart.com for less than half the price at $54.99.