We have here, the Xbox Series X FIRST LOOK | Specs, Graphics & New Games

I love my Xbox, actually my multiple Xbox’s I love it so much, however there are ways to improve it. Microsoft more than exceeded my hopes for next gen improvements with the new Xbox Series X.

The next gen console has many features but the two that will make your life better are ray tracing (think of it as another form of HDR, which just means in simple terms it will use the hardware to make games look much much better than before with far less work for developers). The second feature which I have been wanting is no load game launches.

Also expect game downloads to be smaller thanks to the SSD hard drive not requiring duplication, which in some cases they duplicate the same graphic 40 times on the current hard drive system, meaning a game with mostly background images that repeat you might see download sizes drop by 90%, making a 10 gig game 500mb with no reduction in game play or game quality.

There is so much more, from an even better controller to, well, I’ll let the Xbox On team tell you more in this 8 minute Youtube clip.