The fast food and even the fast casual industries struggle to have healthy meals that will sell in volume. It’s hard to make truly delicious and even cravable healthy foods, but finally El Pollo Loco, which already started with a fairly healthy menu for fast food may have found a health food option other than just a salad that will do just that.

They are introducing new Fitness Bowls which are on a bed of organic spinach and come with a double portion of their amazing chicken chopped and served in three inspiring ways.

#1 Choose a half of avocado fresh sliced on top

#2 Choose a double scoop of queso fresco (crumbly white cheese used in Mexico)

#3 Choose multiple scoops of mango salsa

All of them also come their own variety of toppings such as beans, pico, and cheese.

The lineup adds on to their healthy section of their menu called Better For You menu.

Most of their bowls qualify in multiple health tiers … low carb, keto, paleo, low fat, high protein, gluten free, low sodium. Some bowls may or may not qualify for each specific diet, check the exact ingredients to find which is best for your diet.