Surprise friends and family by creating your own Mickey Mouse candy apples!

Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs creates hundreds of candy apples every day… many to look like favorite Disney characters. Seasonal candy apple creations appear throughout the year like… Halloween

… Or the Christmas Holidays

Here at Candy Cauldron, the confectionary masters create mouth-watering treats in their show kitchen for all to see. They’ve shared this secret DIY recipe for your own Mickey candy apple creations…

Confectioner’s Secret #1 — The key to these delicious candy apples is the freshest of Granny Smith apples… Only the best of ingredients!

  • Melt caramel, dark chocolate and white chocolate
  • Color granulated sugar with red food coloring
  • Place sticks into each apple through the base
  • Dip first into caramel, coating all except right next to the stick

Confectioner’s Secret #2 — Mickey’s ears need to be placed correctly… Too close together, he’s a bunny… too far apart, he’s a bear… just right, he’s a mouse!”

  • Snip a bit off the edge of two marshmallows to create Mickey’s ears
  • Dip apple completely into dark chocolate and let harden
  • Trim off any chocolate “skirt” around the edge
  • Dip apple just halfway into white chocolate
  • Place two small yellow jelly beans lengthwise — like a “pause” sign” — for Mickey’s buttons

Confectioner’s Secret #3 — Tip apple on its side and pour red sugar onto the white chocolate — do not dip — and it will coat nicely

And voila! …or as Mickey would say… “Oh boy! That sure is swell!”

Next time you visit Disney Springs, pop into Candy Cauldron and watch the confectioners work their magic in creating candy apples of all shapes and flavors… all delicious!