In and Out is known as a Southern Cali classic. Available in NV and most of Cali, they now have a 2nd area they will build restaurants which is mostly Texas. They have a VERY simple menu with just a few items that they do unbelievably well. The price is cheap compared to the national price of other fast food outlets… which is extra cheap, because in SoCal prices are often a little higher than the national average.


#1 Double Double $7.60

#2 Cheeseburger $6.40

#3 Hamburger $6.10


Double-Double (double meat, double cheese) $4.05

Cheeseburger $2.85

Hamburger $2.55

Fries $1.90


Sodas, Iced Tea, Lemonade 1.55 / 1.65 / 1.85 / 2.05

Milk .99

Hot Cocoa $1.65

Shakes $2.45

Coffee 1.25


Animal Style Fries (double the current price of fries)

Most of the rest of the secrete menu is the same price as the regular burgers