Reynolds Wrap is really trying to have fun this Thanksgiving by suggesting you coat your bird with packages of powdered cheese.

The aluminum foil brand has released its latest boundary-pushing recipe – a mac and cheese coated and accented turkey. Reynolds Wrap has an annual tradition of releasing over the top Thanksgiving recipes every year.

The recipe calls for one 10 – 16-pound turkey, vegetable oil and 4 boxes of “your favorite boxed macaroni and cheese.” With the four boxes, two are to be prepared according to box directions, while two are to be used only for the powdered cheese. **CheeseburgerBlog ONLY Tip** — oddly this is going viral, but no one is mentioning this, add some shredded cheddar and extra butter to the mac and cheese since you will be using so much of the powder on the turkey.

Prep your turkey as usual, only cover it in oil then the cheese powder.

They actually suggest that you “garnish” the final product with a box of mac and cheese to really showcase the mac and cheese turkey.