Every year during lobster season Quiznos makes a lobster and seafood salad available. They are quiet popular unlike some other chains that have tried to do lobster because theirs actually tastes like you are getting some real lobster.

This year they are returning the classic Lobster & Seafood Sub. This has a mix of lobster and seafood tossed in mayo and flavors topped with lettuce on a butter toasted bun. Served with a lemon on the side.

Also a new variation this year, the Cajun Lobster Sub. They appear to take their regular lobster salad and add cajun seasonings, this is topped with lettuce, tomato, cajun aioli and hot sauce. Again the bread is buttered and toasted first and you receive a lemon on the side.

They are playing up the fact that they also have steak sandwiches, allowing you to get a small lobster and small steak sub for a surf and turf meal.