Travel the scenic Florida backroads, about an hour from Orlando, to historic Barbervillethe destination for eclectic and curious finds. Look for the towering green Tyrannosaurus Rex… and stop in at Barberville Produce to explore two acres of unique treasures and kooky kitsch!

Located at the crossroads of US Highway 17 and State Road 40, along one of the most-traveled of rural Florida highways, sits this eye-catching roadside attraction. How can you resist stopping here… with its menagerie of near life-sized creatures lining the sidewalk to greet you… elephants, giraffes, buffalo, lions, bears, alligators? Or perhaps the Statue of Liberty streetlamp is a purchase you just can’t pass up?

Step inside and meet upon the imposing 12 foot tall suit of armor!

Wander the aisles for quirky finds imported from around the world. Once a true produce stand, you can still purchase Florida oranges, peanuts and honey here. Yet the stand’s owner has found that the money is to be made in big ticket items. Impulse buys… like this must-have lion… can run into the thousands!

77 year old proprietor David Biggers claims there’s no accounting for taste. “Flash is cash”, says Biggers. “You have to have a feel for what works… the public is weird.” Perhaps that explains this offering?

So next time you’re traveling these country roads of central Florida, pop in to this “bizarre bazaar”. Perhaps you might just find the perfect gift for that person on your holiday list who has everything!