Take a tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve at Animal Kingdom during the evening hours for a totally new experience. Previously off limits after sundown, safari trekkers now have the opportunity to view the amazing animals of the Reserve bathed in the light of a warm sunset “glow”. Three years in the making… Disney has been preparing the animals and their habitats for these nighttime viewings.

The best of animal care has always been at the forefront here in Animal Kingdom. Disney has artfully created a nighttime adventure where wild animals can be seen in the soft orange hues of sunset and the glow of a rising moon. Yet there are choices within the animals’ habitats on the 110 acre Reserve that offer varying exposures to this new evening “light” and to the sounds of passing safari vehicles.

With extended “sunset” hours for animals on the savanna, many will want to spend their nights outdoors. So keepers will be performing checkups throughout both day and evening hours. The team at Animal Kingdom makes certain the wildlife feels comfortable and safe in this new nighttime environment.

So grab your cameras and set out on an unforgettable photo safari adventure in the cool of the evening. Become immersed in the unique sights and sounds of Harambe Wildlife Reserve after dark and observe rarely seen nocturnal habits of many of the animals. Lions and wildebeests… plus two new species, African wild dogs and hyenas… are especially active at night.

This opportunity for an evening close-up encounter with nature is definitely one-of-a-kind… outside of traveling to Africa! So hop aboard the Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark and set off on a safari trek through the wilds of Animal Kingdom’s Africa. Experience the nighttime magic of nature.