So you have an annoying limit on your data every month but the local internet has no other option… what do you do?

Well the answer they are hoping for is you get TV from them and/or pay a $30/mo surcharge to have no data cap.

Many people see both as non-starters and not an option but be glad there are ways around the data cap.

1st ) look at downloading movies, music, and shows — use an iPod or Plex server so you don’t use bandwidth on these services (you can even load these movies and music at work or a Starbucks to save on bandwidth)

2nd ) if you have an XBOX add an extra hard drive so you don’t re-download games after freeing up hard drive space (2b) also turn off automatic game updates and only update the games you actually play

3rd ) download movies and shows at a public hotspot like McDonald’s or Starbucks before or after work then take the ipad home

4th ) many parks and beaches have free wi-fi hot spots at certain points, why not enjoy a show or two outdoors using these to save on bandwidth