Travel the globe at Epcot! Explore Africa… just one of 12 international pavilions surrounding the World Showcase Lagoon.

Is there really an Africa Pavilion? Epcot originally had plans for the Equatorial Africa Pavilion…complete with a 60 foot tall treehouse. Disney Imagineers planned to use their wizardry to create the illusion of a waterhole at dusk beneath the treehouse with wild animals coming to drink. The pavilion’s concept never materialized… and the Africa Outpost is now considered the “lost” pavilion along the walkway around the lagoon. Too many people just pass it by… yet it is actually well worth a visit…

The sound of African drumming will be your first clue that you’ve entered a new land. Young and old alike seem to enjoy creating their own rhythms on the African djembe drums.

The authenticity of the Africa Outpost can be seen here… with the weathered truck loaded with supplies to deliver to neighboring villages… and bags of kola nuts filling the nearby crates. The vintage Coca Cola machines even have their advertising in Swahili. Quite a unique photo spot!

The open-air marketplace is very authentic… set up to resemble a trading outpost in West Africa. Offered for sale are articles native to that region… masks, musical instruments, drums, jewelry and soapstone sculptures. Often the intricate art of wood carving is being demonstrated live by an artisan of Africa.

Stop by the Refreshment Cool Post Outpost for a selection of tastes unique to Africa

  • No Worries “Hakuna Matata” Panna Cotta — Raspberry, Papaya & Mango Panna Cotta on a Cookie Crumble Base… decorated with a Lion King White Chocolate
  • Nigerian Meat Pie — Filled with a traditional spicy blend of Beef, Onions & Apricot Curry
  • Mango Starr — Mango Purée & African Starr Rum… a light rum from the island of Mauritius in East Africa
  • Savanna Smoothie — Coconut Milk, Agave & Amarula Cream Liqueur… a liqueur fermented from the fruit of the marula tree unique to Sub-Equatorial Africa

Be refreshed with an ice-cold craft brew…

  • Old Elephant Foot IPA Draft — A hoppy IPA with a hint of bitters
  • Safari Amber Ale — A crisp red lager brewed exclusively for Disney World

During the spring at Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival, catch the Lion King topiary at the Africa Outpost… with Simba, Rafiki & Mufasa intricately crafted entirely out of varieties of greenery.

Stop by and enjoy a break at the laid-back Africa Outpost. Unwind by the shore of the World Showcase Lagoon… a perfect site for people watching… and a panoramic view of Epcot‘s amazing evening fireworks display. Kwaheri!