XBOX Game Pass subscribers have gotten quiet a good deal for quiet awhile now. Being able to play over 100 of the hottest and greatest games for $10/mo has saved some gamers thousands of dollars already.

The first true mega hit to drop day one into the package will be Gears 5. What’s cool is the early access tests will be included in game pass.

The first 2 test dates ate July 17th for 2 days, and July 26th and lasts for 3 days. Both start at 10am pacific time. Both maybe extended as most early access play periods seem to do.

You can still buy the game the traditional way and play early access as well, it’s in the digital store for $79.99 which is the ultimate edition price.

Multiple modes will be unlocked but it looks like we will have to wait a little longer to find out exactly what the Terminator cross over will be.

If you want to pick up an XBOX to play Gears 5, I’d suggest, that’s where I bought my last XBOX for $100 less than other sites.