Frndly TV is a new live TV streaming service with high quality channels for a very small price. In fact many of their subscribers are very happy with the $5.99/mo plan which includes all 3 of the Hallmark Channels including On Demand cable style options and 10 more channels.

They currently have 13 channels …
– Hallmark Channel
– Hallmark Movies & Mystery
– Hallmark Drama
– The Weather Channel
– Outdoor Channel
– Sportsman Channel
– World Fishing Network
– Game Show Network GSN
– Light TV
– Pixl (movies and shows a lot like Hallmark Channel)
– Babyfirst TV

Pricing Plans Are …
– $5.99/mo for SD single stream
– $7.99/mo for HD, 2 streams, and unlimited DVR with 30 day limit
– $9.99/mo for HD, 4 streams, and unlimited DVR with 90 day limit

Is there a free trial?
– Yes
– 7 Days Free

What devices does it work on?
– Roku
– Fire TV
– Android TV
– Smart Phones
– they state they have plans to make their app available to additional app stores including Xbox and more

The service is very focused on positive and family friendly programming in one place for one low price. It really is the ultimate service for the person that doesn’t watch anything more than the Hallmark Channels.

They have plans to expand their channel lineup, but have given no hints as to the future channels would be. They thought they would have 20 channels by the end of 2019, but now at the start of 2020 they only have gotten 13 channels into their channel lineup. But they likely will double their channel count this year.

They are fast growing and keep adding features, channels, and more. If the channel lineup interests you we recommend this service as a yes. The free trail makes it easy to see for yourself.