Thinking of ditching cable but want some good programming especially the fun Hallmark Christmas programming?

Frndly TV offers all 3 Hallmark channels, The Weather Channel, and about 10 more stations for $5.99/mo (add $2-4/mo for DVR options).

Today they announced that they will keep the same low $5.99/mo price point while adding UP TV, which was my personal most watched Holiday stations last Christmas.

I really enjoyed that they brought “Luke” back to host a GilMORE The Merrier Gilmore Girls marathon with fun breaks with some of the actors today hosting the marathon with Christmas fun theme in commercial space.

If you cut the cord and are looking for a super cheap way to keep the relatives happy this Holiday season, for $5.99/mo they can switch between 13 quality channels 5 of which are known for their high quality Christmas celebrations.