This is a photo of the recently rediscovered limo Elvis owned.

This limo was a gift to Elvis and his bride to be at the time Priscilla from his manager. Auction house Mecum Auctions in Monterrey California has the car now.

Built by limousine specialist Lehmann-Peterson, it featured a four-passenger rear compartment with rear-facing jump seats and a custom console equipped with a radio and climate control system.

The car’s body remains sound, but the interior is worn, with torn upholstery and missing trim pieces, while a fair amount of rust can be found under the hood and on its 462 cubic-inch V8.

Elvis did use this limo for a while before it got lost in his large car collection.

While Elvis did drive around his home town, he was quiet fond of his plane. In fact that’s how the Elvis Sandwich (peanut butter, bacon, banana) came to be. He would fly to a northern state where his favorite cafe had this sandwich, said to be his favorite, on the menu.

Based upon the recent auction price of $3.2 Million for a James Bond film car, expect if attending this auction to shell out at least a couple million if not twice that amount.