Right now you can get Dunkin’s version of a McMuffin where they changed the sausage into a meatless plant based sausage patty.

The patty is made by Tegrity Farms and Beyond Meat company.

They tout health benefits like less fat than real sausage, but forget to mention the higher carbs than sausage.

While it will obviously get a good quick high sales count for Dunkin in it’s first month, BK’s company Tim Horton’s already tried this with their breakfast sandwiches and after the initial success they largely lost interest in the meatless meat at Tim Horton’s which is pretty much Canada’s Dunkin.

Is this the future… at least in Canada with Tim Horton’s, the answer is a soft no. But there is a lot of time in the future to see where this trend goes.

Chipotle didn’t expect it’s veggie “meat” to sell outside of California at all, and sell poorly there, but it is quiet popular and now available nationwide.