It looks like Door Dash is testing ultra fast delivery service in NYC.  The delivery company is offering it only in select parts of the Big Apple, and starting just with their DashMart service, but DoorDash plans to expand ultra-fast deliveries to more locations and partners over the coming months.

DashMart in much of the country, if available, is more like a C-Store than a Grocery Store, but the company says this DashMart offers more than 2,000 items. The Chelsea location will be open between 7AM and 2AM for orders within a small radius, and excess produce will be donated to a local food bank.

The service is different than the regular gig worker model of DoorDash, now this service will use full time employees making $15/hr. It’s not clear at this time if the workers will be able to collect tips in addition to the $15/hr pay.

Door Dash notes that 90% of their current gig workers want to stay contractors rather than full time workers.