Discover must-see spots throughout the Disney parks in Orlando…


Experience a “blast from the past” at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios.

Relive the retro days of drive-in theaters… watch campy film clips as you dine under the twinkling stars in 50’s vintage automobiles.

Perhaps the most unusual restaurant at Disney World… it’s a nostalgic journey back to the 1950’s. Hop into your snazzy convertible or “automo-booth” where you place your order with the car hop. Enjoy all-American fare while watching clips from the  best of the worst horror films from the 50’s. Creature features include… Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster… The Blob… Teenagers from Outer Space… Invasion of the Saucer Men… Attack of the 50 Foot Woman… Cat-Women of the Moon.

The ambience is immersive… under the twilit, starry sky with the illuminated taillights of neighboring cars… and a cyclorama backdrop of old Southern California as seen over the fence. The classic cars hearken back to the days of whitewalls and tail fins and are painted in vintage colors. Just like the old drive-in theaters, there are speakers mounted on poles next to each car. Notice the 1955 license plates… they’re all from the three states with the most UFO sightings… Arizona, New Mexico and California!

The menu is pricey compared to Disney walk-up spots… yet the kitschy atmosphere is worth the price of admission. Try star-studded previews like the Sci-Fi Appetizer Sampler including Honey BBQ Wings, Crispy Onion Rings and Fried Dill Pickles.

Attack of the 50 Foot Burger! The Sci-Fi Angus Burger is topped with pulled pork, sriracha BBQ sauce, Swiss cheese and pickled apple slaw.

Try the stellar Sci-Fi Specialty Milkshakes… Oreo Cookie, Chocolate or Vanilla. Opt for desserts like Out-of-This-World Cheesecake with Heath Bar, pecans, chocolate chips, caramel sauce and whipped cream… Sci-Fi Candy Bar with chocolate mousse layered in sponge cake and covered in chocolate ganache… or Warm Glazed Doughnut with cinnamon apples, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Junior sci-fi fans will love the Meteor… Coke or Sprite in a souvenir cup with an eerie glowing cube. Adults can savor cosmic drinks like Long Island Lunar Tea with rum, vodka, Cointreau, sweet & sour and a splash of Coke… Orbiting Oreos featuring an Oreo shake with Godiva chocolate liqueur and a glowing cube… or Magical Star Cocktail with mango passion fruit liqueur, rum, pineapple juice plus glow-in-the-dark cube.

Check out the intergalactic memorabilia and souvenirs in the lobby before you leave. Just beware… those creepy extraterrestrials could follow you out!