The short answer is yes. But here is the long answer…

Pluto TV is a platform for free TV channels to all be in one app. The lineup was actually fairly impressive, then Viacom bought them, and now it’s amazing.

Viacom is putting all of it’s best “classics” on including recent hits like Tosh.0, except maybe not the most recent season or two.

There is now something for everyone from Sports, News, Family, Anime, Movies That Are Good, Faith, Classics, Cartoons, and more.

They even have about 50 music stations including more and more MTV branded 24/7 music video stations.

Now you won’t find many of the same channels from your cable bundle, but there is now over 100 channels all trying to do a good job. And finding something to watch is very easy, you just won’t find the latest releases or premium news and sports channels.

None of the channels are filled with paid programming and filler.

The price is actually free, no games or gimmicks, just watch it on you Playstation, Roku, or other streaming device for free. They don’t even offer upgrades and seem long term committed to this remaining free.

It’s available today in the US. Select other countries are staring to see this offered in their region too.