Today Hulu w/Live TV announced that they have 2.7 Million subs. Sling is literally just behind them with 2.69 Million reported subs. The third serious player in Live TV package providers is YouTube TV clocking in with a solid 1.6 Million Subs.

Add in Philo, Frndly, Klowd TV, Fubo TV, and ATT & T-Mobile’s TV offerings the total subscriber count is getting close to or may even be slightly more than 10,000,000 total combined subscribers.

Expect this number to grow over time as internet options continue to get better and more widespread, including world class internet service in unexpected rural areas, thanks to the FCC’s Universal Service Fund recently releasing multiple Billions to subsidize the roll out of High Speed Internet to 700,000 un-served rural homes.

Verizon quietly just also announced it has it’s own streaming box, but they currently support Youtube TV for deals to help sell internet.

Getting back to that interesting 10 million sub count, that makes the Live TV packages bigger than almost any cable company (Comcast & Spectrum may currently have more subs).

The fast shift from cable tv to OTT Live TV is because Hulu w/Live TV is $44.99/mo with no fees and the cable company may actually cost after fees and equipment charges $150-$250 per month.