In some parts of the country and world brunch is super popular. It sometimes is the most popular period for many restaurants.

Some brunches get quiet innovative including things like chipotle eggs beni on the menu for weekend brunch … and I’d guess the first avocado toast was invented by a brunch hot spot in or near LA.

Wendy’s & McDonald’s are trying to figure out how to capture and win a brunch crowd, but maybe Arby’s will be the first to truly succeed in winning over the brunch crowd with these new sandwiches.

These are in limited test markets but they have a real shot of going nationwide sooner or later.

The sandwiches both have meats like bacon, brisket, and ham. Both have cheese and an egg along with one having smashed avocado and they both have specialty sauces.

If you like to take road trips for food… Ohio and Oklahoma City are two of the confirmed test markets for these brunch sandwiches at Arby’s.

The brunch sandwiches are served all day!