Disney Imagineers have strategically placed many Hidden Mickeys throughout Walt Disney World over the years. Yet some are visible only from the air…

Duke Energy‘s new Solar Farm… in the shape of enormous Mickey ears… can be seen all the way from space! This 22 acre facility near Epcot was recently commemorated by flipping a giant light switch.

48,000 solar panels help power Walt Disney World along with area hotels and resorts. The solar plant creates energy equivalent to 1,000 residential solar rooftop systems. This renewable energy is a part of Disney‘s commitment to the environment.

Duke Energy will sell the energy to Reedy Creek Improvement District which provides power to Walt Disney World. Reedy Creek shared this… “The use of solar energy builds on our commitment to protect the environment and is another step toward realizing our long term sustainability goals.”

The Environmental Integration Director for Disney shared this… “It’s very important to us… It’s been part of our commitment since Walt, so it’s just part of our DNA here at Disney.”

So next time you’re driving along World Drive near the ramp to Epcot, look for this huge Solar Farm. Yet it is only by aerial view that this giant Hidden Mickey is truly discernible. Is it really the biggest Hidden Mickey ever?