Frozen meals are getting pretty darn good these days.

Benihana, the famous Japanese kitchen at your table with flair, has had a line of frozen meals for a while that most people love.

Now the are trying their hand at fried rice, which really isn’t possible in frozen section, because the oil would interact with the water in the microwave in a very bad way.

So this feels more flat top seared rice, but people that have tried it already say the sauce has a mix of garlic and soy flavors and it’s quiet tasty.

I like the fact that rather than tossing in some bits of white chicken, they took the time to flavor up the chicken before it goes in. They also grilled the onions before putting them in adding tons of flavor.

They have carrots and eggs to round out the mix. I would like to have seen peas in this as well, but it appears they decided green onion would add green color.

Over all it looks like everyone is saying that it is a solid frozen meal worth a try.

If your grocery store in your area is actually a low price leader expect to pay about $3-$4 for this.