ATT TV has launched in 10 areas which ATT hopes will replace all 3 of it’s current TV options. Currently you can get video from ATT with DirecTV, ATT U-Verse, and DirecTV Now.

Now ATT TV which is basically just DirecTV over the internet is the platform they are planning to focus all their efforts on in the future.

Pricing is almost exactly equal to DirecTV with the same basic channel lineup. You rent a box from ATT TV which is adroid TV based for $10/mo or $120 one time fee.

Pricing is cable like where you get a year for cheap $59.99/mo and up, then the second year costs you $93 to $134 per month. They add a regional sports fee of $8.49/mo and extra TVs require their device which costs $10/mo. They also require you to signup at an ATT store and sign a 2 year contract.

You will be able to stream on other streaming devices like XBOX and ROKU but you must rent at least 1 box from ATT.

T Mobile is doing the same basic thing with TVision which is also available in only about 10 cities right now.

Expect both companies to bundle 5G internet and phone with these TV services sooner or latter.