Everyone is wondering who will now do TV online and do it well enough to come out on top.

Walmart has original programming with VUDU.

Disney has Disney Plus coming in November.

Red Box has an app.

Roku is funding Roku Channel well.

CostCo is considering a streaming service.

Everyone has a plan, and everyone is trying to keep their services’ price low enough to be an impulse purchase. But the problem is, while they are all reasonably priced, when you add up all the services it can now easily come to over $200/mo and adding anything at any price is hard to justify when you likely only use 2 or 3 of those regularly anyway.

Pandora $5, SiriusXM $13, Netflix $14, Amazon $13, HBO $15, Starz $11, Hulu $6 to $60, Funimation $6, Klowd TV $9, and the list goes on and on.

Apple and Disney are both going to try and get you to add their subscription to your credit card statement every month as well.

Disney recently announced it will cost $6.99/mo but be discounted to $12.99/mo with Disney owned ESPN Plus and Hulu. Disney’s new service will launch in November featuring a reboot of Lizzie McGuire and a Christmas Movie starring Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick.

Apple TV+ announced that beginning today you can now see trailers for all their content… one of the flagships expected to be Jennifer Aniston’s “Morning Show”.

Here is the shocker, Apple TV+ won’t cost much at all, in fact with a new iPhone or iPad it will be free for a year. And for the rest of us it will only be $4.99/mo. And the service with a ton of original content will go live on November 1st.