Imagine coming across a past Disney World ticket with one free day still left on it… and that ticket was 22 years old? Would Disney still honor it?? That was what one Disney fan set out to discover…

Chelsea’s dad found this memento in their basement from their family trip to Disney 22 years earlier. She was only four years old at the time… and as happens on so many family trips, Chelsea came down sick and couldn’t use the 4th day on her 4 Day Park Hopper ticket. Could she now… so many years later… be able to enjoy that “lost” day at Disney World?

On her next trip to Orlando, Chelsea (under Pluto’s paw on the right) set out on a whim to Magic Kingdom to take her chances on a free day. “I just went up to the window. I wasn’t expecting to spend the day there. I didn’t bring anything or anyone with me. They were really surprised! The girl working there was younger than me and said, ‘Wow! I’ve never seen one this old before!” With no apparent expiration date, and after a quick check with her manager, the girl validated Chelsea’s ticket. Yes! She was in!

Of course, that day was the best… a perfect way to make up for the lost time at Disney when she was just four. She even had a chance to reunite with Chip after so many years. All in all, it was a magical day for Chelsea. Her timeless ticket was honored. “Disney is just really nostalgic for everyone.” She was even given a pin to wear on her memorable day at Disney World… “1st Visit in Forever!”