So far most streaming services launched have done so to monetize a large content offerings that already were owned by the provider, or to generate money off of a brand extension like Fox Nation or Hillsong VOD.

Now for the first time I’m aware of, someone with just one hour of content is launching a full blown streaming app called Somm TV because they wanted to make more but didn’t feel there was a platform for them.

Somm TV is hyper focused on premium chef focused food and drink programming, and is made by the creators of the doc Somm.

The pricing will be $9.99/mo or $75/yr and they plan to offer hundreds of hours of programming quickly.

‘There’s a massive changing landscape within the entertainment industry and the way people are digesting content. We had a lot of stuff we wanted to make, but we really couldn’t because there wasn’t a platform to put it on,’ said SommTV creator Jason Wise. ‘This is for anybody who has wanted the inside baseball from many different fields within the culinary world. It provides insane access to wineries and kitchens that people could never go to or be a part of.’

It’s currently in beta on multiple streaming platforms including your Roku.